Spring market is around the corner. If you thinking about listing your home this spring it is time to get your house ready.
I hope you will find the list below helpful:

  1. Make sure that exterior shows great ( all outdoor lights are in working order).
  2. Clean entryway floor to show as much space as possible.
  3. Depersonalize your space (hide family pictures, toys and hobby supplies)
  4. Remove an extra furniture from living and dining areas.
  5. Make counter top in kitchen shows plenty of space and cupboards are neatly organized.
  6. Make sure bathroom shows like spa room ( grout is clean, faucets are fixed, fresh towels are hanged).
  7. If your basement has musty odor try to get rid of it. If your basement is more a storage organize it in a neat way.

If you need more tips or a personal advise please feel free to contact me.

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